We would be happy to conduct a Consultation to evaluate your legal matter.  Please read the following information about the R. L WILSON LAW FIRM Consultation Process


**Please note that we do not offer free consultations.

**Effective April 1, 2024, our charge for a one hour Attorney consultation is $750.00.

The Consultation Fee includes attorney review (prior to the Consult) of all documents relevant to the consultation and a one hour meeting with an attorney.

We first began charging for our consults back in 2010.  Since that time, we have conducted several hundred paid consults. Our prospects routinely tell us that they received excellent value, and that the consult was worth every penny.


We recognize that the lawyers who bombard the TV airwaves and interrupt your scrolling with pop up ads do not charge consultation fees. Some even make bold offers such as being available “24/7”  including “nights and weekends” and the ability to travel to your location “during this sports event” (even during the Superbowl???).

Those lawyers traffic in contingency-based personal injury cases. Having staff available and solely dedicated to conduct a steady stream of free consults fits their business model. Our business model, the types of cases we handle, and the type of clients we represent are much different.

R L WILSON LAW FIRM handles complex real estate and water related legal matters. We are blessed to have a strong stable of existing clients for whom we provide legal services on a regular, ongoing basis. For that reason, it is not our goal to get a “quick look” at as many prospective cases as possible. Instead, we focus on evaluating cases and potential clients that are a good fit with our practice.

Our Consultation Process lends itself to attorney preparation and the ability of prospective clients to meet with the attorney who will handle your case.  That attorney will have read your documents and will have talking knowledge about your legal matter when you meet. The attorney will not be rushed, and will be focused on answering your questions, and delivering value to you.

Our objective is that you leave the consultation with a far better understanding of your legal issue, the potential outcomes, the legal process you should expect, and the costs associated with attorney representation.  You will not receive a sales pitch from us.

Check this link to learn more about the specific reasons WHY WE CHARGE A CONSULTATION FEE.

We believe that you will be pleased with the value we deliver in our consults, and look forward to discussing your legal matter with you.


Once you decide to proceed with a Consultation with an attorney at R L WILSON LAW FIRM | San Antonio Real Estate Lawyers, the process will work like this:

  1. Please send an email (intake@sa-law.com), or call our office at 210-223-4100 to connect with an Intake Specialist.
  2. Our Intake Specialist will ask a few questions to ensure that your matter fits within our practice areas, and that a consult is feasible.
  3. If moving forward makes sense for You, our Intake Specialist will communicate with You by email to coordinate payment of the Consultation Fee, scheduling the Consult and and delivery (to us) of the documents related to your legal matter.
  4. Most of our Consultations are conducted on Wednesday, but special coomodations can be made where necessary.
  5. Prior to your Consultation, the Attorney will review all of your documents, and may reach out to you if there are additional questions.
  6. On the day of Your Consultation, the Attorney will meet with You to discuss your matter and answer your questions.


If an in person consultation is not feasible or desirable, we are happy to conduct the consult byremote means.  In addition to in office meetings, we conduct consultations by:


 R L Wilson Law Firm | San Antonio Real Estate Lawyers

We are located in Building 2 of The Park on Blanco Road office complex.

16607 Blanco Rd., Suite 501
San Antonio, Texas 78232
Phone: (210) 223-4100
Fax: (210) 223-4200

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