Texas law has long recognized the vital role that real estate professionals play in the lives of ordinary citizens. The public trust conferred upon these professionals is balanced by strict licensing requirements, adoption of professional ethics standards, administrative oversight, mandatory continuing education, and disciplinary authority for the following categories of real estate license holders:

  • real estate brokers
  • real estate agents
  • property managers
  • property inspectors
  • land surveyors
  • appraisers
  • easement and right-of-way agents

Disparate bargaining power, superior knowledge and acquisition of confidential “inside” information are all compliments of the public confidence entrusted to real estate professionals. R L WILSON LAW FIRM assists ethical professionals in understanding and adhering to regulatory standards.  We simultaneously seek to promote the public trust by aggressively prosecuting claims on behalf of victims of intentional misconduct and negligence of unscrupulous license holders.


We represent Texas real estate professionals by providing advice and counsel, and where necessary, representation in litigation and defense of TREC Complaints. Our San Antonio real estate lawyers serve as regular/general counsel to numerous real estate brokerages, individual agents and property managers.  In that capacity, we render legal opinions and advice concerning contracts, application of the Texas Real Estate License Act (“TRELA”), interpretation of the Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission (“TREC”), and commission disputes.

R L WILSON LAW FIRM is also active in the real estate community, and maintains membership and affiliation with numerous trade organizations, including the Texas Association of Realtors, San Antonio Board of Realtors, National Association of Residential Property Managers, and the Real Estate Council of San Antonio.  Our principal attorney is also a licensed real estate salesperson, who volunteers his time by serving on various committees of Texas real estate trade groups.

We welcome the opportunity to form new relationships with honorable, hard-working real estate brokers and agents in need of representation by serious and knowledgeable attorneys.


As is true with any large group of people, there are “bad apples” within the ranks of Texas real estate professionals. Most real estate professionals are enterprising, diligent and principled. However, a small minority of brokers, agents and other license holders purposely betray special relationships with their clients and the public, or capitalize on confidential information solely for personal gain.

Many times, real estate professionals make careless mistakes that cause financial or other harm to represented or opposite parties.  In some cases, agents are poorly trained or supervised by their sponsoring brokers. Other times, agents and brokers fundamentally misunderstand the Texas Real Estate License Act, TREC Rules and other applicable law.

Professional negligence, breaches of fiduciary duty and intentional conduct that damages others can subject real estate professionals to liability.  In situations where the professional’s conduct is intentional or fraudulent, professional discipline up to and including license revocation is possible.

If you have suffered injury or damages as the result of the negligence or misconduct of a real estate broker, agent, land surveyor, inspector or appraiser, contact us today.  We offer contingency arrangements for qualifying engagements involving professional misconduct by real estate professionals.